Drug Addiction


Drug Addiction

The incidence of drug abuse among children and adolescents is higher than the general population. This is notably because youth is a time for experimentation and identity forming.

Drug addiction causes immense human distress and the illegal production and distribution of drugs have spawned crime and violence worldwide. Today, there is no part of the world that is free from the curse of drug trafficking and drug addiction. Millions of drug addicts, all over the world, are leading miserable lives, between life and death.

The use of certain drugs such as whitener, alcohol, tobacco, hard and soft drugs is especially wide spread among street children, working children and trafficked children but there is currently a lack of reliable data on drug abuse amongst children.

We create an enabling environment for masses affected by drug abuse. Holistically viewing their social problems, offering services for education and spreading awareness along with teaching healthy alternatives for realizing full human potential towards becoming productive member of the society.

Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell
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